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UX Improvements For Keyboard Accessibility

by Vitaly Friedman

The web is wonderfully diverse and unpredictable because of wonderfully diverse people shaping it. In this new series of short interviews, we talk to interesting people doing interesting work in our industry and sharing what they’ve learned.

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CSS Lists, Markers, And Counters

by Rachel Andrew

There is more to styling lists in CSS than you might think. In this article, Rachel starts by looking at lists in CSS, and moving onto some interesting features defined in the CSS Lists specification — markers and counters.

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Using Slots In Vue.js

by Joseph Zimmerman

Slots are a powerful tool for creating reusable components in Vue.js, though they aren’t the simplest feature to understand. Let’s take a look at how to use slots and some examples of how they can be used in your Vue applications.

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CSS Custom Properties In The Cascade

by Miriam Suzanne

In this article, Miriam takes a deeper dive into the ‘CSS Custom Properties for Cascading Variables’ specification to ask, “Why are they called custom properties, how do they work in the cascade, and what else can we do with them?”

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With a background in photography and graphic design, Cassie Evans is a front-end developer at Clearleft. She loves animation and tinkering with code. Cassie is also the organizer of Codebar Brighton, a non-profit initiative that facilitates diversity in the tech community by offering a safe and collaborative learning environment with free regular workshops and events to make technology and coding more accessible. You can follow Cassie on Twitter at @cassiecodes. Thank you for sharing and caring, dear Cassie!

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Design Systems

Meet Design Systems, a recent Smashing book in which Alla Kholmatova explores how to set up an effective design system to create great digital products. With common traps, gotchas and lessons learned.

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